Rod and Margi Powell

Rod and Margi Powell

Rod and Margi Powell are career missionaries, having served for more than 35 years in England, Russia and Israel. Due to problems in obtaining long-term visas, they’re currently based in the United States where they’re serving with East-West Ministries Int’l.

The Powells hope to return to Russia for prolonged periods of ministry as and when the Lord allows. Until then, they’re happily ensconced in ministry in Portland, Oregon and doing the same kinds of things there that they did in Europe: evangelism, teaching the Scriptures and discipleship. And you only have to see the news to know that God is very much needed there!

Rod and Margi are connected to Christ Church through Peter and Bridget Tizzard. Their friendship goes back more than thirty years when Bridget joined them on a memorable missions trip to the former Soviet Union.

The Powells have two adult children who are married and living in Los Angeles. They also have five grandchildren and - after praying about it - have decided that that’s enough:-)

Rod and Margi can be reached at 13191 SW Raptor Place, Tigard, OR 97223