Real Lives

Roger Carswell

Roger was converted as a teenager and worked as a school teacher in West Yorkshire for over ten years. Since 1983 he has been an itinerant evangelist taking university and church missions in many parts of the UK and beyond. He also writes and distributes Christian tracts and books. He is married to Dot and they have four children.

We were privileged to have him visit us at Christ Church from 14-18 May 2014, when he interviewed some interesting followers of Jesus about how knowing Him has helped them, and showed how Christ is relevant to each of us in the 21st Century.

Simon Pinchbeck told us how he started off as a 'copper' who had a career change and became a criminal, then had a life change and became a Christian.

Fiona Castle, OBE, talked about family, fame, and how faith has made a difference in her life even after the tragic and untimely death of her husband, Roy.

Robert Prendergast, Christian rap artist and musician, talked about how his gods used to be sex and music.

Mo Williams, successful script editor for hit shows such as Spooks and Holby City, let us in on how being a Christian shapes every area of her life.

Guest Service - Roger Carswell talked with humour and warmth about how Jesus Christ changes lives today. He also interviewed young local singer and actress, Lydia Crosher, about her fight against leukaemia, and how God helped her and her family to cope.

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